Meet me

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I’m destination wedding photographer based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe. I love to travel and no location is off my grid, just name the place and I will be there.

I am very happy that my work has spoken to you and you are willing to take me with you on your amazing journey. Being the part of your small world and get to know you is truly amazing thing. You’ll make the right choice having me as your story teller. Once we bond together, you can be sure that the magic will happen while together we creating something special.

Time behind us is gone forever and there is no better feeling that having tiny details, candid moments and emotions in their purest form created to last forever.

I don’t shoot what it looks like, I shoot what it feels like and I can’t wait to drive you crazy when you look into your past every single time you take a look your beautiful story we created together.



  1. I’m crazy in love with my wife Tanja and she is my everything
  2. Father of 2 amazing boys Leon & Dominik
  3. Photography is what I live and breathe beside my family
  4. I try to blend in at the wedding with the guest, so they don’t feel about me as a photographer and keeping them relaxed in my presence
  5. Crazy about chocolate
  6. Just love Mexican and Thai cuisine
  7. Mostly listening some relaxing music with nice saxophone while editing (actually my wife thinks I’m crazy and can’t understand how I don’t fell asleep 🙂 )
  8. At the same time love and hate imperfection
  9. Fluently speaking English and German beside native Croatian 🙂
  10. I like to learn the rules and than to step out to achieve superb results
  11. Gadget addicted
  12. Reading, learning and willing to give the best to my couples
  13. Love to travel
  14. I just love strawberries

Now it’s your turn to tell me more about you two, your love story, plans for big day and crazy ideas you’re having. I want to get to know you better, hopefully we’re on the same tracks.

I can’t wait to meet you and tell your story.