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I’m Karlo, and the simple truth is that my wife is the one who fills my world with boundless happiness.

Together, we revel in the everyday joys of raising our three incredible boys—Leon, Dominik, & Noel. When the hustle of weddings and the off-season allows, we find joy in hitting the road, exploring new places, and making cherished memories.

One thing I am truly passionate about is wedding photography. My journey has been made possible by the amazing couples who trusted me to capture their love stories and allowed me to be a part of their incredible adventures. Cheers to them!

My aspiration is to meticulously craft vibrant and energetic fine art images that not only showcase the beauty of each subject but also encapsulate their individuality and essence. By infusing each photograph with personality and emotion, I strive to create visual narratives that resonate deeply with both the subjects themselves and those who view the images.

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and how I can make YOUR day a dream one

For many couples I’ve had the pleasure of photographing on their special day, it’s worth noting that, in addition to my native Croatian, I am fluent in English and German, with a basic understanding of Spanish. Your guests and family can feel at ease knowing that communication with the photographer won’t be a concern when capturing those wonderful moments.

In the ever-fleeting tapestry of time, I find immense joy in freezing those tiny details, candid moments, and raw emotions—creating memories that will last a lifetime. If my work has resonated with you, get in touch and share as many details about your day. Understanding your story, and translating it into visual poetry is what excites me, so it’s of essence to go through every aspect of your wedding day.

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Journey begins

My photography journey begins parallel with my career in the corporate world across Europe.

It wasn’t always an easy task to balance everything, but was worth every single time, with meeting new people and creating bonds and friendships!

Tough period of life for IMPORTANT decision

I assume you have been in my shoes, when you know the timing is just not right, and yet, it can’t be more right. My wife and I were expecting our second baby when I decided without consultation with her to quit my 9-5 job. This was a rollercoaster.

Full-time freelance photographer

The new chapter and amazing journey were around the corner and I needed to commit 101% to be a responsible husband and father.

Jumped on a crazy train called filming

This was a crazy period for me where I decided (even though I was always running away from it) to gather my crew of like-minded creatives and start producing what I do best, but this time as frames in motion.

We dreamed big and started creating amazing films for our couples in which they fell in love at once.

Found my artist’s voice

With over a decade of experience, we stand resolute with a refined vision, placing emphasis on collaborating with couples who share our aspirations and creative concepts to craft exceptional experiences.

We understand that our services may not align with everyone’s preferences, and that’s perfectly natural. Your presence here is an opportunity to explore the potential fit between us. Our focus is entirely on your needs and preferences – it’s all ABOUT YOU!

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Need to find out more and READY TO


You’ve come such a long way. I hope you discover interesting details about me, find neat ideas on my website, and get to know me a bit better.

The next step would be to send a short message. There are several ways to do so—you can reach me via the contact form on my website with all the details and we can even schedule a video or audio call after that. Don’t be shy about expressing yourself; I’m eager to gather as much information about your big day. Share the date you have in mind, the number of guests, the type of wedding (traditional, boho, luxury, elopement, you name it), and some more personal details about both of you and your love story.