Hallstatt Engagement Session with couple from Hong Kong

Hallstatt Engagement Session & Secret Proposal

I’ve got an email from Bernard 5 days prior to his trip for an amazing Hallstatt engagement session. He was planning secretly to propose to his girlfriend. He planned really a lot of things all the way from Hong Kong which was not an easy thing to do. Since I have seen his email, I really liked an idea which he has in mind. He wanted a photographer who will capture his secret proposal from a distance in the most natural way possible. This was a really short period before a day of a proposal – and really long trip ahead of me. I put myself all into it and change dozens of emails in a very short time despite different time zones.

We had few days getting to know each other, planning the session and how to approach them for Shun Shun not to get wondered what is going on. On the day, we were all day long chatting about the possibilities and actual location for the proposal, since the weather was changing almost every minute, and really all four seasons. I was scouting the locations and found a beautiful “island” called Seeländ where it should be proposal location.

They arrived there in the late afternoon and hit the time with some sun. I just approached them and ask for few casual shots and they agreed. After a few shots, I moved aside and Bernard was about to make a move. He made really lovely photobook of them with some nice things inside. At the end of the book, there was a letter, and when she opened it – he made his thing. Took the ring and get down the knees and pop the question.

Shun Shun was so emotional and cried a lot, but she also had that smile of happiness at the same time on her face and said “YES”. Truly amazing engagement session in Hallstatt.

This was their first trip to Europe and couldn’t be better. They will remember it forever, and Hallstatt will have a special place in their hearts.

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