Biokovo Skywalk Wedding Photographer

Biokovo Skywalk Wedding

At about 1228 meters above sea level, Skywalk took the form of a horseshoe with a glass floor, making the experience much more attractive with a feeling you are walking on the clouds. Those steep rocks underneath are breathtaking and awaking the adrenaline by stepping onto that glass surface. Beside the Skywalk itself, the road from Makarska up to the Skywalk is truly amazing and hides a lot of amazing curved roads, impressive-looking trees, and other amazing things for making perfects memories of the big day at Nature Park of Biokovo.

Love session at Skywalk Biokovo

Szandi and Boti are world travelers, originally came from Hungary, and choose Skywalk Biokovo as their location for the first look and wedding session. Since they are love to climb and hike on their travels, this was the perfect and logical choice for location. For us to incorporate and to have captured on photos and video, the love for nature on their biggest day of their lives and theirs “I do”, was freaking bold plan to accomplish. It will be an amazing memories about how they lives started as one in the beautiful surrounding and view they have chased for years. Last but not least, for sure something to remember and embrace even more as the years are passing by.

Worth of mentioning, there is a great Restaurant Vrata Biokova with excellent services and interior, food and hospitality. They give us room for getting ready and were at our disposal for any help we needed. Our dear friend, a wedding planner Anita from My Croatian Wedding has succeeded to organise all this and to get the Skywalk just for ourselves. We used this opportunity with our beloved couple to make some amazing photos and breathtaking drone footage.

Wedding ceremony at the beach in Brela

We received information that we were the first who made a session with newlyweds there. Indeed, it meant so much to us and we did create truly unique memories to last forever. After a fabulous time at Skywalk Biokovo, we headed to the city of Brela near Makarska for the ceremony on the beach. This was set-up on a small peninsula at Jakirusa beach. Big thanks goes to our dear friends at Restaurant Burin who made this possible with My Croatian Wedding team.

Love in motion!!!

I am glad you visited my website in search of inspiration and location scouting, as well in search for a wedding photographer and videographer. Please take a moment and take a look this beautiful video from Skywalk Biokovo, which we put together with so much effort and love.

Photographer: Karlo Gavric Weddings
Videographer: Noel Weddings / Ivan Bosnjak-Matic
Wedding planner: My Croatian Wedding
Florist: Cvjecarnica Strelicija
Catering: Restaurant Burin
Location: Skywalk Biokovo & Beach in Brela

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