Frequently Asked Questions




Do you travel for weddings or sessions?

I love to travel and I am glad if you want me to be a part of your amazing journey on any location you have in mind, just name a place and if I am available on your date I hope we can arrange something.

Do you shoot engagement shoots?

Of course, it’s great way to get to know each other before the big day. In case you book full day wedding coverage, I can offer you 20% discount and these images are also awesome to be used as personalized invitation cards.

Are you offering video as well?

Hell yeah, we start making amazing films with tons of emotions and love bonds togeher.

We’re not the type of persons who love to pose, is it a problem?

That’s OK and normal, I’m also not a guy who will force you to do something you’re not comfortable with. It’s very natural and relaxed. Also, I’m having different approach for every couple to achieve superb image set – because each couple has something which makes them unique as you already seen on my images.

How would you describe your style?

I can describe my style as documentary & fine art mixture which means I won’t change the flow of how things happening during the day, I will remain aside and capture all true emotions and moments with details you put so much effort in it, to last forever.

How much time do you need for session / what is the best time of a day to make it?

Time is relative, this depends a lot from the couple and the ideas they are having for session. The best part of day for having great shots is 1 hour before the sunset when the light gives us best of it – and together we’ll create the magic.

Is it possible to meet you in person before shooting?

That’s always a great idea, once we get to know each other, it’s lot easier for you to be relaxed during the shooting. I am always opened for cup of coffee if you are close enough, else we can use Skype.

Where we can find your prices?

Please contact me to get my current price list. My coverage starts from 8 hours and if your date is in off season, fill free to get discount on my packages.

How many edited images can we expect to get from you / are we also getting unedited images?

Every wedding is different in many ways and for weddings I deliver on average from 300 – 1200 edited images in full resolution, depends on package and my attendance on wedding. I never deliver unedited or RAW images, that’s one simple rule I never change.

What products do you offer in your packages?

I only offer highest quality handmade books with best photo paper available on the market. If you are interested, contact me and I will send you my brochure with more information.

We are aware there is some period we need to wait to get our images. How long?

First teaser images are edited during a few days, and normally whole wedding it takes up to 25 – 60 working days, depends on your wedding date. I’m always trying to edit your images as soon as possible (within 4 weeks), but certain period is required to do that the right way with creativity, because only like that they will be unique and you will be satisfied. If you need them earlier, please let me know prior wedding and I will try to find a way to do so.

When you are done with editing our wedding, how we would receive them?

You will receive your images in private online gallery, USB stick and in the wedding book.

We are considering smaller wedding, are you offering this?

I love small & intimate weddings, it’s fine with me, it could be done on an hourly basis, but my recommendation is to book a whole day – only like that you will have your whole story captured forever, and the story is in tiny details. But, it totally depends on you and your budget.

We are wondering, what if your gear get broken at our wedding?

You don’t have to worry about that. I am using only professional gear and I always have backup camera with several lenses, and dozens of high quality memory cards. After the wedding, I always make backup on 3 different drives just to be safe if one gets broken. There is always a small chance that something can go wrong, but I hope it won't.

Where are you from?

Currently, I am living in Novi Travnik, but travel regularly to Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Slovenia, and quite a lot throughout the Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. You have a new place for me to visit, let me know your ideas, I am sure it's not of my grid!

Why should we hire you?

Because I live and breathe photography and probably you may liked my work since you are here, searching for more answers. I’m friendly guy and in many cases my couples gets to be my new friends (which I am very thankful for), and I can say it’s a big pleasure for me to be a part of someone’s amazing love story!

This sounds amazing, we are sure you are the photographer we want by our side, how to book you?

I’m so happy you decided to book me. You can contact me directly at or use contact form to send me details about your wedding day and to check if I’m available on your date. If you caught me as available I will send you my packages to check all the details, sign online contract and pay a deposit to make sure you get your date secured.