Wedding Photogrpaher Amadria Park Royal Hotel in Opatija

Hotel Royal Wedding Photographer Opatija

When the stars align better than you ever think it could and you end up surrounded by a bunch of great people as Hotel Royal Wedding Photographer in beautiful Opatija. By itself, Opatija is a real pearl on the Croatian coast, such a unique city. Because of its simplicity, it’s such an attractive city for destination weddings these days.

My path crossed a few years ago with this lovely couple when they picked me up from the airport for their friend’s wedding. We spent few days together and when we were splitting at the airport when I was heading back home, Ivan told me “you will shoot my wedding, I don’t know when, but you will”.  

Amazing wedding at Royal’s Hall

At that moment when he told me that, I was like “yeah right”. But not long after I saw they got engaged on another side of the globe, the message arrived from him. We discussed the beautiful surrounding of the wedding, the plans, Royal Hall in Hotel Royal which will be their venue which is glorious since they are really bonded to Opatija and know the city really well.

Trying to get to know my couples in advance, I knew Katharina origin is from Portugal, while this was their destination wedding in Croatia, I’ve tried to blend Opatija somehow with those pastel colors to bring it closer to that beautiful Portugal culture and vivid scenarios. We did even go a step further by doing a phenomenal short film for them, blending a bit of Spanish secret “sauce”, which you can take a look at the bottom of the site.

The Big Day

It was mid of June, and we all hoped the weather will be great. But as you may imagine, since the weather is so unpredictable and we are unable to fight it. We woke up and it was cloudy and grey looking, not a very promising day. But that hasn’t had a big impact on our mood, as we were pumped with some nice ideas, locations we are going to use for the session to write their story to last forever.

The day started pretty normally with getting ready, yet, filled with so many details, laugh, and tears of happiness. We’ve moved from the hotel to St. Jacob Church were Ivan and guests were waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle. She arrived with her brother and maid of honor in an old-looking city car. After the beautiful ceremony was over and they have been bonded as one, we were blessed with sun rays on stunning locations for the session. We’ve visited famous Maiden with the seagull, St. Jacob’s Park, and many others on the way back to continue photographing the wedding party in Hotel Royal.

Along the seaside promenade and beautiful French garden with sculptures there is Hotel Royal’s ballroom called Royal Hall. It’s located right beside the sea and breathe with luxury and elegance. The venue itself is so “alive” with tender colors and can fit any type and style of wedding.

Venue: Opatija’s Hotel Royal Wedding Photographer

Church: St. James / Jacob

Photography: Karlo Gavric

Video: Noel Weddings by Karlo Gavric

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