Wedding Photographer Trogir

Wedding session with a couple in Trogir's Marina

When Suzana contacted me I really didn’t know how huge recommendation do I have to be their wedding photographer Trogir. I’ve gone through some basic details with her and they booked me without hesitation. Later she told me that the bride whose wedding I shot a year before told her “you must have him as your photographer“. And above all, she was showing off her wedding book to colleagues at work and how amazing it looks like, it had a positive impact as it seems so (lucky me ūüėČ ).

They both are from cities on Dalmatian’s coast not far away from form each other, so they went to the same high school, always have some feelings and sparkles in them, but they never make a move to get to know each other better. Luckily, that changed in the first year of a colleague when they finally meet and start the relationship. She loves traveling, techniques and music, and he loves sport, history, and olives. That makes them different in many ways, yet they both love spending a lot of time with their families and sharing their precious moments. Above and foremost of all, they are enjoying and like to share their love with each other. Ever since they make a move on a colleague, they are inseparable.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to get to know Suzana and Josip earlier. I arrived late at night day before the big day, and meet Josip and his enormous hospitality! He really blows my mind away and I had a feeling like I know him forever.

I fell asleep after a long day and so many kilometers driven that day. My alarm was set to wake up at 6.00 AM to enjoy the sun rising from the groom’s house where I was sleeping, which have an incredible panorama view on amazing city Trogir and Island Ciovo. I went down to the garden and make a tour with the groom to show me some locations where everything will be held. He explained to me the plan for a day and gave me the schedule. I couldn’t wait for this amazing wedding to start…

Since the beginning, we knew that we just can’t fit everything in one day. So, we planned a session 2 days after the wedding. We made some amazing wedding photographs on famous spots in Trogir, and moved to old city streets, which are freaking fabulous! Then we head up to island Ciovo and amazing Okrug Gornji beach near Laganini Beach Club where the true magic happens between two of them! I am so honored because they made the decision to be their wedding photographer Trogir in Croatia.

Wedding venue: Restoran “Nautic”

Wedding dress: La Perla Split / Enzoani “Lucie”

Hair stylist: Frizerski salon Dalila

Make up: MAC makeup by Mia Persico

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